Bhanuparam Jyothi. B


The swasthyavidyavahini program was used for proper implementation of health facilities through the medical, health department and with medical professional students. It’s opportunity to see the living conditions in villages, thereby enhancing their domain knowledge. Objectives:1. To assess the knowledge regarding the SwastyaVidyaVahini program among women. 2. To find out the association between the level of knowledge regarding SwastyaVidyaVahiniprogram among women with their socio demographic variables. Materials and Method: The descriptive research design was used to assess the knowledge regarding swasthyavidyavahini program among women. A total 50 women were selected by using Non probability convenience sampling technique. Results: The results shows that, the level of knowledge regarding swastyavidyavahini program among women, 1(2%) had B+ grade, 5(10%) had B grade, 2(4%) had C grade and 42(64%) had D grade knowledge. Conclusion: The finding of the study revealed that 64% of women had D grade knowledge on swasthyavidyavahini program. Plan to give Awareness on wasthyavidyavahini program by local health workers to know about the utilization of free services.

Keywords: Swasthyavidyavahini program, women.

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