Asst. Prof., R. Kanakalakshmi, and Dr. Indira. S

Pesticides are poisons and, unfortunately, they can harm more than just the “pests” at which they are targeted. They are toxic, and exposure to pesticides can not only cause a number of health effects, but is linked to a range of serious illnesses and diseases in humans, from respiratory problems to cancer. The problem may be even greater in developing countries because of the impracticality of much personal protective equipment in humid tropical areas, because farmers are often illiterate, because the pesticide label is often not available in the local language, and because of employer disregard for worker health and safety. WHO estimates that there are up to 5 million acute unintentional pesticide-related illnesses and injuries per year, and that annually there are 20,000 deaths related to unintentional pesticide poisoning. Objectives: 1. A study to assess the knowledge on ill effects of pesticides among adults in Kamakshi Nagar at Nellore. 2. To find out the association between the ill effects of pesticides among adults with their socio demographic variables. Materials and Methods: The descriptive research design was used to conduct research study. The 30 Adults were selected by using non probability convenience sampling technique in Kamakshi Nagar at Nellore. 25 structured questionnaires were developed to assess the knowledge on ill effects of pesticides. Result: The result reveals that, with regards to level of knowledge on Ill effects of Pesticides among Adults,8 (27%) had in adequate knowledge, 16 (53%) had moderate knowledge and 6 (20%) had adequate knowledge.

Keywords: Knowledge, Ill Effects, Pesticides, Adults

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