Ms. K. Ramya, Dr. Indira. S,

Comfort is a concept central to the art of nursing; each individual brings physiological, social,spiritual, psychological and environmental characteristics that influences how comfort is interpreted and experienced. Comfort devices are invented articles which would add to the comfort of patient when used in the appropriate manner by relieving the discomfort and helping to maintain correct posture. It is the mechanical devices to promote comfort to the patient. Objectives: To assess the level of knowledge regarding comfort devices among nursing students. To find out the association between knowledge regarding comfort devices among nursing students with their selected socio demographic variables. Material and method: Study conducted by using the descriptive design, using Convenience sampling technique. Statistical Analysis Used: The collected data was organized, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted by using descriptive and inferential statistics based on the objectives of the study. Results and Conclusion: The study results reveals that level of knowledge regarding comfort devices .Out of 30 samples 10 (34) have inadequate knowledge 14(46 %) have moderately adequate knowledge 6 (20%) have adequate knowledge regarding comfort devices

Key words: Comfort Devices, Nursing Students, Mechanical Devices

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