Dr. Indira. S

Dr. Indira. S, M.Sc.(N), Ph.D.,


Narayana College of Nursing,


Nursing has been called the oldest of the art, and the youngest of the profession. Nurses will have an essential public health role and patients will become more demand up.  Healthier life styles, continuum of care, health environments and evidence based practice will be emphasized and in the forefront of nursing agenda.

Nursing is an inevitable force in health care delivery system, as the nurses are contributing more on promotion of health, prevention of systemic and communicable diseases.


Health care is a business and that nursing should follow more business like principles. The nurses need to appreciate the importance of process and structures, but a laser focus and a near reverence of tangible and valued outcomes that improve patient’s experiences.


The nurses are on transformation of business, as kerfool – rote, “we transform a frightened 4 year old girl in EMD into a little person who can feel safe and stop cry. We transform students into safe, skilled and self confident practitioners. So, too, the health, well being, safety and experience of patients, clients, and families are dependent upon the often visible and over looked caring practices of nurses. In the 21st century information is doubling every five years, if not tripling in quantity and quality. Advances in nursing informatics are in the infancy stage, yet, show promise for the future where this science will contribute significantly to envisioned new health care delivery system worldwide.